The Most Comprehensive Premed Coaching Program to help students with every part of the premed process until they get accepted to medical school.

Our Admission Guarantee: If you do not get accepted after applying we will continue to work with you for FREE until you do

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Warning: Follow the Steps Inside And You Will Become A More, Confident, Stress-Free, Happy Premed Student

Here's A Few More Reasons To Join The Premed Consultants

  • You get to accelerate your learning curve for effective studying
  • You will have a foolproof plan for studying for the MCAT
  • You’ll feel more confident in yourself as a premed student
  • You’ll learn how to use ANKI and never forget any information you have learned
  • You will gain access to an EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY of premeds who are all supporting each other towards a common goal
  • We provide step by step instructions to optimize your medical school application
  • You can get any and all of your premed questions answered 24/7 by booking a coaching session or messaging your private coaches.

If accepted, pay the tuition fee one time and get access until you get into medical school $12,000 $8000!

WHAT YOU GET IN The Ultimate Premed Advising Program...

Hands Down The Most Value You'll Ever See In A Coaching Program!

Hands Down The Most Value You'll Ever See In A Program!

Here Is Everything You Get Inside The Premed Consultants Ultimate Advising Program ...

Phase #1: Learn To Study like a Top Medical Student

You will now have all the tools you need to get straight as a premed and even in medical school. This course is one of the first you will complete whether you are about to study for the MCAT or still taking classes. You will join an exclusive group of students who utilize only the most effective study techniques so they can learn anything in half the time.

  • Module 1: The Mindset To Crush Premed
  • Module 2: Evidence-Based Study Strategies
  • ​Module 3: Intro to Spaced Repetition Using Anki
  • ​Module 4: Advanced Anki Skills
  • ​Module 5: Encoding Information. Going from memorization to high level understanding

Phase #2: Prepare Your Customized Premed Timeline

  • Step 1: Complete the TPC Student Onboarding Form
  • ​Step 2: Upload Your Premed Info into our Proprietary TPC Premed Tracker
  • ​Step 3: Meet with your TPC Coach in a kickoff call to plan every step of your premed process from now until you get into medical school
  • Step 4: Have quarterly check-ins with your coach to make sure you are hitting your goals, and make any changes to the timeline as needed

Phase #3: Score 510+ on the MCAT with the 16 Week TPC MCAT Program

  • 16 weeks of day to day assignments so you know exactly what you need to do and when
  • 36 live MCAT Classes covering content review and questions strategy
  • Access to UWORLD Question Bank
  • Access to All AAMC Resources
  • Private 1 on 1 tutoring
  • Custom Anki Deck with 3100+ High Yield Flash Cards
  • Physical Copy of The MCAT Powerbook
  • Ability to customize a schedule to spread out for longer or shorter than 16 weeks if needed
  • Unlimited MCAT Course Access in case of pushing the test back you won't lose access and can also start the course early if wanted

Phase #4: TPC Ultimate Admission Program

  • Week 1: The Personal Statement 1st Draft
  • ​Week 2: Securing Letters of Recommendation
  • ​Week 3: Activities Section First Draft
  • Week 4: Filling Out The AMCAS Application
  • Week 5: Personal Statement 2nd Draft
  • Week 6: Activities Section 2nd Draft
  • Week 7: Making Your School List
  • Week 8: Submitting The Application
  • Week 9: Bonus: Pre-Writing Your Secondary Essays
  • Week 10: Complete Interview Prep


  • Private Premed Community
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Mentorship
  • Crash Courses for All Premed Core Requirements
  • TPC Finance Program
  • TPC Nutrition Program

Our Admissions Guarantee: If you do not get accepted to medical school for some reason, we will continue to work with you for free until you do.

This Stuff Actually Gets Results!

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When Should I Join The Program?

If you join the ultimate advising program you get support and all our resources from now until you get into medical school! You even get grandfathered in to any new resources added to the program at no additional cost. Therefore, the best time to join is NOW! The number 1 feedback we hear from students is "I wish I found you guys earlier" .

What is your success rate?

While our students get accepted at a much higher rate than the national average which is 40%, we do not make any specific guarantees regarding first time admissions. Any program that does I would be skeptical about as there are a vast amount of variables that go into medical school admissions. With that said, any student who completes all the assignements in our program, puts in the work, and appleis once we say they are ready sees significant results. You can check out our many student success stories as proof. We even have an "Admissions Guarantee" in which if you do not get accepted, we will work with you for free until you do. Our goal is to form long term mentorship relationships with our student.